Second Hand and Zero Auto Spare Parts

Our company provides second hand and zero auto spare parts supply and all products are covered by parts warranty. We offer second-hand spare parts service for each brand and model. Our company, which has left behind 20 years since its inception, aims to bring together the secure shopping needs of the sector. It is therefore reduce auto spare parts in Turkey by providing accurate and high quality products, service and spare parts in each of the transmission wait time by performing ship within 24 hours to any city in minimum time.

Second Hand Auto Spare Parts Do We Offer Warranty? Warranty conditions

Our company works with product groups. For example, it classifies as 10 lining sets, not 1. However, it can also ship single products according to demand. This is why there is always a manufacturer's warranty, especially for zero spare parts. The warranty may vary depending on the manufacturer. However, our company offered to you by spare parts or second-hand spare parts are guaranteed. All the products we purchase are subject to detailed cleaning and inspection. In this way, the robustness and suitability of our products are reviewed. Our company is aware of the importance of second-hand auto spare parts and therefore does not make purchases and sales without performing the controls.

Auto Parts Delivery Terms

Shipping terms may vary depending on the quantity of your purchase. The detail that stands out at this point will undoubtedly be the amount of your request. If you make a large volume order from a van according to the type and size of the product you ordered, our company will provide shipping to your address. But in single or 2-3 product groups, our company makes the shipment by cargo. Please do not forget to send detailed information.

Used Car Spare Parts Prices

Since our company makes purchases in large packages in its purchases, it puts the products in the market into its inventory at much more reasonable prices . Another advantage that emerges from this point of view is the favorable price advantage per piece resulting from lower shipping and transportation prices. Our company, which offers the fastest delivery service and the most suitable price in the regions where the auto spare parts industry such as Ankara and Istanbul and Kocaeli are in great demand, always offers 20-30% reasonable price to its customers. Another favorable price advantage is the discount that will arise depending on the number of products you will receive.

Used Car Spare Parts Which Models and Brands are Suitable?

Since our company started to serve in second hand auto spare parts sector, it has always paid attention to purchase spare parts suitable for all brands and models. It will not be wrong to say that we realize all the spare parts you are looking for, whether or not the spare parts in the market are scarce or high. When we look at the brands we serve
• Renault Car Spare Parts
• Ford auto parts
• BMW Auto parts
• Mercedes auto parts
• Audi auto parts
• Opel Auto Parts
• Fiat Auto Parts
• Volkswagen auto parts
• Citröen auto parts
• Peugeot auto parts
We provide auto spare parts for all brands and all models and model years.

Conditions of Purchase of Auto Spare Parts

Our company does not work open account. It is only available by Credit card and Bank transfer. You can contact your bank to install installments on credit cards at the rates that your bank deems appropriate.