Textile Products and Used Textile Machines

Our company works in the field of sale and purchase of textile products and used textile machines. We are pleased to offer our services in these two areas. Used textile machines. Our company is engaged in the purchase and sale of used textile machines, knitted, cutting and many other machines. Our wide experience in this field allows us to identify and deliver the most suitable machine among hundreds of different makes and models used both in Turkey and abroad. The development of the textile sector in the world has led to increased requirements for the quality of products. This, in turn, imposes an obligation on manufacturing companies to raise the level of technology and use machine labor. At this stage, it would be wrong to say that the time of used textile machines has already passed. However, the fact that the cost of new machines is too high forces manufacturers to take large loans, which could lead to bankruptcy or recession in production. Oya used textile machines gives manufacturers 50% cheaper equipment and 100% more possibilities. Our company has been operating in the textile sector for over 20 years, is familiar with machinery and textile manufacturers. Thanks to this, our company can find and supply any type of machine.

Do Used Textile Machines Have a Warranty?

The rapid development of technology suggests that large manufacturers update their machines on average once every 2-3 years. Thus, used machines enter the market, and new manufacturers can buy what they need at a very competitive price. Our company conducts production and functional tests when buying and selling machines. Our qualified specialists inspect every machine designed for sale or purchase. Only on condition that the machine is in working condition, it can change hands. Such a business arrangement is very important both for setting the right price and for the machine to serve the new manufacturer without any problems. Now, our company sells machines with a minimum warranty period of 3-6 months. Be sure to read the Warranty Information before purchase. The offered warranty conditions may vary depending on the type and condition of the machine. The machine model, life, condition, previous repairs and other characteristics directly affect the warranty period and conditions.

Textile Products Buying and Selling

Our company also operates in the sector of buying and selling textile products (cotton, silk, wool, synthetic fabrics, etc.). We carry out wholesales and purchases of raw fabrics of various types. After studying the type and quantity of textiles that you have, we offer you a favorable price for your products. Our company assumes all the costs of shipping operations. We carry out transactions throughout Turkey. For our customers who are engaged in wholesale trade in cotton, we offer special conditions for the purchase of products directly from your warehouse. The transaction contract is drawn up for one year, after which it can be extended. Thus, you will be sure of a guaranteed sale of your products. Our company does not process textile products. Our company also buys and sells silk and synthetic fabrics under the same conditions. All products that you buy from our company will meet all quality standards and will be ready for processing, cutting and sewing. You can contact us for detailed information on any issue.