Hotel and Service Equipment Import and Export

Our company has the knowledge, background and experience to continue Montenegro opens from its services all over Turkey and Europe.

Our company, which has left behind a quarter of a century since the year it started production and export, is delivering all the machines you need from fast supply, guaranteed usage and durable products to your business by its experience gained from being the largest hotel, restaurant and cafe kitchen supplier in the Middle East .

Cafe and Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Manufacturing

Durable machines that meet the fast food circulation in cafes, restaurants and hotels are the most important infrastructure of these enterprises. This is because the smallest disruption can cause customers and businesses to experience extremely difficult moments.

For companies that want to avoid all these problems and use safe and durable kitchen tools and machines for many years, our services are not limited to machines.

Products and Services We Provide to Businesses

Our company provides services at every point where collective life is necessary. All of our service areas are listed in detail in the list below.

• Home Kitchen Equipment

• Dishwashing Equipment

• Cold Units

• Open Buffet and Service Units

• Neutral Units

• Bar-Tea-Patisserie Equipment

• Auxiliary Kitchen Equipment

• Service Equipment

• Housekeeping Equipment

• Cleaning Detergents